Tuesday, October 19, 2004

October 18, 2004

I've let this sit idle for a while, but since you good readers are barely in the double digits, little harm done I suppose.

It was my plan to use this space to spin my flying yarns, to cut down on telling the same stories over and over. But my logbook has become rather quiet, what with some grey and wet fall weather. I was supposed to fly tomorrow to do some reconnaissance for a local county EMA, but we've moved it back again to Thursday.

My own little plane has been quietly parked in the old tin hangar since last weekend, fuel tanks full so I won't get water condensation in the lines. Last winter's first freeze cracked a component and leaked gasoline all over; one among many such small lessons. I'm a shadetree mechanic, and I'm getting comfortable working on this simple old machine, within the limits of the law and my own abilities.

Anyway, she's ready to go, fresh oil in the crankcase too. When the season finishes changing the air will get cold, clear and dense; good flying weather. Great heater in that plane, and come February I may allow that a closed cockpit is not such a bad thing.

My life on the ground - which I don't plan to log extensively or in detail here - is going rather well. I have been unceremoniously discarding a lot of gloomy and incorrect ideas about the world and my journey through it. And an amazing new friend has returned something to me that I thought I lost, quite some time ago.

I wish you all the same. Clear skies and happy landings.