Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trip to Toronto part II

CN Tower
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Saturday and Sunday were just about perfect, as weather goes; clear skies and comfortable temperatures. (And us with no plane! Drat!) We tried both days to go to the CN Tower - the tallest freestanding structure in the world - but by afternoon, the lines were too long. We didn't want to spend too much of our time standing around like tourists, so we passed on it both days and ambled around the city.

Toronto is an interesting place; I got to truly explore it for the first time. When I was there years ago, I never got more than a few blocks from the University of Toronto. But this time, sober and with the original "racontourist" for company, I was able to get a good impression of Canada's largest city.

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I heard the phrase "...the New York of Canada" several times, but the similarities are few, other than that they are both large cities. Certainly Toronto is densely and diversely populated, and has a long history; and it is a major crossroads for Canada and the world. But it has an identity of its own, and on a summer weekend a very inviting one. I think it sells it short to compare it to the United States' greatest city. (Shameless, how I love starting arguments...)

Gail and I visited her friend Sergio's new business, ScoreCuts, a sports-themed hair salon. It's well-positioned next to an established sports bar, which should help out with the target audience of young male sports-fans. I'm only one out of three of those, but I got my hair cut while I was there; a very short crop, comfortable for the summer, but a little too short for Gail's taste. Oh well, it will grow back for our next meetup!