Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Weekend at Mercy Hospital

This is Gail writing on David's behalf, since he's still confined to a hospital bed.

Mercy Hospital, Day 8

We've not been discouraging visitors, it's been a matter of not knowing from day to day how much longer he'll be kept in hospital. Every day we're hopeful he'll be well enough to be released, but then it doesn't happen. After yesterday's prescribed blood transfusion, however, it's fairly certain he'll be at Mercy Hospital for the weekend, possibly longer.

If any readers are local and inclined to visit David, or if anyone would like to phone, here's the info:

Mercy Hospital Scranton
746 Jefferson Ave
Phone: 570-348-7100
Room: 927

(The hospital switchboard doesn't route calls after 10pm.)

Please bear in mind that David's immune system is dangerously low. He likes having visitors, but is very prone to infection, which can delay his chemotherapy treatment. If you're feeling under the weather, it's best to phone.

(Please don't send anything to the hospital! There's a whole saga related to the black hole that is the receiving department at Mercy Hospital! To be on the safe side, send stuff to the house...)

When David comes home, he's going to help me make thank you cards for our wedding presents. We're very grateful for all the cards and gifts, and we'd like to show our appreciation in the best way possible.