Friday, January 14, 2005

Vancouver Diary, Pt. II

December 26th - The Big Ball of Science!

The day after Christmas (Boxing Day, as the sale banners proclaim) Gail and I began the week with a few outings with the "M"s, or at least the elder three. Sunday we took them to Science World, a very nice children's museum not far from Gail's neighbourhood. (The large geodesic dome over the museum prompted Michael, on one of his previous visits, to name it "The Big Ball of Science".) I'm accustomed to trips with adolescents and teens, so it was a nice change to spend time with younger children again - holding hands, picking up... chasing after! They were really no trouble, just active, happy kids. "Attie Gail" had taken them here many times before, but it was obvious that this was a favorite outing; plenty of hands-on fun, and a little interactive science show to see while sipping milkshakes. I was busy enjoying myself, but I managed to snap a few pictures.

In the evening we finally had some time to relax together, and of course geek out a bit and upload some photos. Thanks to the busy day, sleep came easily, when we finally slept.