Friday, September 23, 2005

Checking in

I haven't posted all week; it's been a rough one, in terms of my energy level. The good news is that the radiation seems to be really reducing my back pain - I haven't had to pop so many pills, and I can get up and around without the cane. But it also causes severe fatigue and nausea, so it's been tough to be active, or eat. Today I spent the whole day in sack-of-potatoes mode, I'm just getting up now to have a meal and get cleaned up. I really noticed, as I showered, how much weight I have lost; around 35 pounds. (And I still have a little bit of spare-tire!) I've been carrying an extra 20 pounds for years anyway, but it feels strange to be bony, something I've never been.

In other good news, my mother is home from the hospital, and enjoying her favorite pastimes: Scrabble, and worrying about me. Thanks for all the words of support.

Gail has spent the last few days in a flurry of activity, getting ready for the wedding next weekend. Besides the flowers and hotel and the other arrangements, she found some beautiful gifts for the wedding guests, and some nice touches for the house too. I'm looking forward to seeing our family and a few friends get together, it will be a real lift.