Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Flighty Bunch

Playing hooky
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Well, we tried to have our monthly meeting, really we did; but the skies were clear, and the breeze had died down to nothing, and the planes were all out on the ramp... our planes, y'know, with the keys in them, ready to go, beckoning... and it really is better for the planes to be flown, you know, they need that, or Very Important Parts inside the engine will corrode...

Yeah, we all took off like a flock of startled starlings. This evening the Cherry Ridge Pilots Association was supposed to have had our monthly meeting, and even planned a buffet dinner an hour before at the Airport Café. But like my mother and I, many of the guys (and one gal) were making the best of the weather, which only cleared up last night after four days of muggy heat and rain. We landed and parked at the café, but only a handful of people actually showed up - so we had a nice meal, and chatted with a few of the gang, and as a group decided that any business we had to discuss could wait until the next picnic. I spent a few minutes taking photos of the traffic coming and going, and then Mom and I climbed back into 02P.

Summer mode
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It was great to get into the skies again; as I've mentioned, my plane was laid up for its inspection since the last week of May. We didn't go very far, just up a few thousand feet to the cooler air, and then over Lake Wallenpaupack to chase speedboats. I finally was able to satisfy myself that the plane was all in order, and it is; running cool and strong, climbing like a homesick angel. (Well, a homesick angel in no particular hurry... it is still a Tri-Pacer.)