Wednesday, June 01, 2005

MTCMH, Chapter II - Rats!

Rat A whiskering
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Rat B's big ol' nose
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Friday and Sunday nights we crashed with Socar at her apartment. Her building manager seems to be far behind on the maintenance, so while I was there over the next few days I endeavoured to repay her hospitality by fixing a few things - namely a very leaky toilet, and some minor computer repair.

I also enjoyed meeting Rat A and Rat B, her whiskery little flatmates. While we were all sweating out the heat wave, I would open their cage door and let them explore my hand in their cautious way; eventually, Rat A got bold enough to walk all the way out onto my lap or hand. If I stood very still for a long time - which, thanks to public schooling, comes easily to me - they would walk into my hand, sniff my fingers, and nibble on them a bit. (They were mostly curious to see whether I would feed them, of course!) On Monday I finally gave them a whole strawberry, which they had a merry time swiping back and forth from one another.

When not creating haunting artwork, or writing in her brilliantly witty journal, Socar indulges in her not-so-secret habit: video games. I watched her proficiency with interest, and she introduced me to a quirky but addictive game, Katamari Damacy. It's an odd mix of obviously 3d-rendered graphics, harmless fun, and rollicking Japanese translations; plus an infectious soundtrack that rolls up an assortment of different musical styles into - well, a big ball. Socar described it, about as well as one can, here.