Thursday, June 16, 2005


Originally uploaded by MonaPenny.
I finally got a new PC, and now my mother has some new technology too. Her WebTV unit failed, and it was already replaced once under warranty. So we bought a new one, the next-generation receiver for WebTV (Now MSNTV).

The new unit is much nicer; it can utilize broadband connections, and has USB ports for digital cameras and other accessories. And, it can view movie clips and has much better audio. It seems to display more clearly too - you can see in this photo that she's beating me by over 100 points in our Scrabble game!

When I set up Mom's bookmarks, I noticed that Gail's page was easier to read through this system, with her posts galleyed on the right. So I've changed my template too - since Mom represents a large segment of my readership!

(Hi, Mom...)