Saturday, August 27, 2005


New futon
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fu·ton [Japanese, bedclothes, bedding : fu, bed, quilt (from Middle Chinese phu) + ton, round (from Middle Chinese thuan).]

Our old couch was a big overstuffed barge, comfortable enough but a bit large for the room; but its kiss of death was being peed on too many times by an old, incontinent cat. Cat urine is one of the most acrid, awful odors in nature - and despite how useful this phenomenon is for the territorial Tom, it's nothing you would want to sit on and watch a movie. We got our timing just right and hauled it out to the curb just in time for the municipal trash truck to take it away.

Today its replacement arrived, a beautiful new futon that Gail and I picked out, and which my mother insisted on making a gift of. (We'll call it an early wedding present!) The cherry stain matches our existing wrought-iron tables and standing lamps, and since it features folding platforms on each arm, does away with the need for end tables, freeing up some floor space. It also has two deep drawers underneath, useful for storing things and for keeping cat toys out.

I had a futon back in my postcollegiate days, but it was a crude pine knockup next to this item. This a beautiful piece of furniture, well-made and sturdy, and a breeze to open and close. I've just given it its first test nap, falling asleep in front of a movie; Gail has gone into New York for the day to get out of the house for a bit, since I have the weekend off from radiation and such.

Thanks, Mom! And no, Hugh is not allowed on it.