Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We Leap Into Action

Or into bed, anyway, which is fine with me as a base of operations. Gail and I met with Dr. A, the highly-regarded local oncologist, who has streamlined his normal procedures to take me as a client. We spent a little over an hour at his office, having a brief physical exam and being educated on the course of treatment he is recommending. (Chemotherapy, and radiation, but no surgery for a case like this.)

I am being admitted to Mercy Hospital tonight, and the first round of chemotherapy will begin in the morning. While I am there they will be performing additional tests to determine whether the cancer has spread, but Dr. A is confident that the best thing is to start shrinking the tumor immediately, since this small-cell type has a fast growth rate. It generally responds well to chemo, though, and he said I may get some relief from my secondary symptoms within a few days.

I don't know my room number yet, but I will be on the ninth floor, and probably in for 3-4 days. Gail will keep everyone updated on her website, but I should be able to read emails and send a few on my cellphone. I've been touched and greatly cheered by all of the support I've been given, by all of you who read here; thank you, it really helps. I am frightened, but determined to overcome this - and I look forward to the day when I will be flying you all over Pennsylvania, in thanks for your uplifting words.