Friday, August 12, 2005

OK, here's the news:

And I wish it were better. I don't have any form of lymphoma; it is in fact lung cancer. The extra tests were ordered so that the pulmonary doc could be sure of what he was telling me, of course.

The mortality rates are much higher for this than for lymphoma, but that reflects the fact that this cancer usually strikes much older people. The doctor who did my biopsy is baffled by the results, since it's a statistical fluke for someone of my age and health. Hopefully that means that I will be better able to handle the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that will be necessary; I suppose that surgery might be an option too. I will know more this coming Tuesday, when I have an appointment with a crackerjack oncologist - from what I hear, the best fellow in the area.

Gail and I are stunned, of course; this is worse news than we expected. But if you know me, and have read the happier parts of my journal, you know that I have a lot to live for. More so than ever, I have been looking forward to a fulfilling life - with my good friends, my small but loving family, and a woman that I am madly in love with.

Thank you, everyone, for your words of encouragement. Please know how much I appreciate it, and how much it helps to hear.